Steven “Kelly” Grayson is a paramedic and EMS educator from Monroe, Louisiana. He has been a critical care paramedic and EMS educator for fifteen years. He teaches extensively in all of the "alphabet soup" disciplines and has taught, coordinated and administered all levels of EMT courses, from First Responder through Paramedic. A former president of the Louisiana EMS Instructor Society and board member of the LA Association of Nationally Registered EMTs, he currently operates an EMS training and consulting firm, MEDIC Training Solutions.

He is the author of the book Life, Death and Everything In Between: A Paramedic’s Memoirs and the popular blog A Day In The Life of An Ambulance Driver. Kelly also writes a monthly column for entitled The Ambulance Driver’s Perspective. He is a frequent lecturer at EMS conferences around the country, and is known for his engaging, humorous and often inspirational presentations. Kelly is single and currently lives in Kinder, Louisiana. He enjoys hunting and the shooting sports, and spending time on the water with his daughter.

Grayson has completed his second book.


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